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Company: Board Retailers Association
First Name: Doug
Last Name: Works
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7605005716
Note: Good morning.

Please have your Marketing / Partnerships person contact me as we have received a number of requests for responsive and high quality tag/label companies from our BRA Retail Members as we are always seeking Vendors that we can feel good about sending business to that fill needs not already filled by other BRA Supporting Vendor and Event Partners.

Board Retailers Association (BRA), a nonprofit trade association, represents board specialty retailers in every region of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. The Association serves as the preeminent voice for independent retailers on a grassroots level with manufacturers, trade show representatives and others.

We provide the resources that keep specialty retailers competitive and profitable. This goal is in part achieved through the identification of ways to help lower the day-to-day costs of doing business, to increase profit margins and to create more remarkable customer experiences. We negotiate as a group what is beneficial to individual stores. This strengthens our base and helps the industry grow.

Becoming a BRA Supporting Vendor or Event Partner not only pledges your support to this important non-profit organization, it enables you to establish trusting relationships with our Retail Membership and to benefit from a proven, highly effective multi-channel marketing program that reaches thousands of board specialty retailers.

Please have your Marketing / Partnerships person call or email me this week.

Thank you.

Doug Works
Executive Director
Board Retailers Association
[email protected]